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Pages: 248

Language: English

Publisher: FT Publishing International; 2 edition (17 May 2012)

By: Lars Kroijer(Author)

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A new edition of this revealing and incisive account of the incredible inside workings of hedge funds. Shedding light on the incredible inside workings of hedge funds, this book charts the interminable rise of Holte Capital from 2002 to 2008, explaining what it was like to run a hedge fund in a period where the industry went from relative obscurity to something everyone wanted to discuss.


Read online or download a free book: Money Mavericks: Confessions Of A Hedge Fund Manager (Financial Times Series).pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By AS on 1 February 2015

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and informative book for anyone who wants to gain valuable insights into what it takes to launch and run a hedge fund. The writing style is concise, easy to follow and the story flows from start to finish - it's like you are right there with him as he embarks on his journey. The book takes you through Lars early career, the challenges of raising capital in time for launch, the running of the fund and the eventual wind up - all interspersed with touching anecdotes, vivid descriptions of all the characters across the industry, and good overviews of his decision making processes (constructing trades, structure of the fund, hiring people etc). Highly recommend it!

  • By RS on 31 December 2015

    Interesting book for those thinking about setting up a hedge fund. Fascinating from start to finish and one builds real empathy with Lars.

  • By Mr. K. James on 31 August 2012

    Seeing As this book has so many positive reviews, I will make this review bit less detailed than usual. Instead i'll just contribute to the positivity.Now first of all, this book is great. It's written by former hedge fund manager Lars Kroijer. Lars starts off by exposing some of the popular myths in the hedge fund industry, the whole glamorous appeal of it all is nothing more than a gross oversimplification society has placed on it, Much like the situation in china. Lars walks you through his life from the genesis of it all to the hedge fund industry. He shows you the kind of child he was, the family he came from and why he decided to go to school to study the land of investing. This book should be read by anyone who is strongly considering going into the hedge fund industry, it shows you that it's not rosy place at all. And how brutal and unreasonable the clients can be. Lars walks us through the journey from the idea to the fruition of it all.And we all know there are alot of people who tend to harbour the notion that hedge fund managers or people in finance or the business world don't work hard at all. those poeple would probably change their mind after reading this book. Lars shows you the hardships of making it. Just how hard one must work for the idea to actually become a reality, all the people involved, All the meetings, All the people overlooking him because as we all know people like to pay attention to the size of the man rather than the size of the plan. A quality I despise in people, People seem to forget that very often even the most successful of us came from nothing at all. I found that me and Lars had allot in common. And I think any successful person who has made it or are still making it on their own will also relateThe Verdict:Very good book on the inner clockwork of the hedge fund industry, reveals alot of notions society has placed on the industry as myths. And shows you how hard one must push to accomplish the goalPhysical Quality:The book was published by FT Publishing International and the quality of the book in it's entirety is impeccable. This the best if not then surely one of the most high quality paperbacks I own.Thanks for reading my review, hope I was of some help. check out my other reviews if you like this one"[email protected]"

  • By Jacob Christensen on 21 June 2015

    I consider this a must read - even if not interested in hedge funds. What makes the book brilliant is not just the story line; it is the brutally honest and very unpresumptuous personal account of getting into the industry, starting a fund, becoming successful, and finally deciding to close the fund.For the aspiring hedge fund manager or student hoping to get into the industry, I have found this book to be the most insightful book out there. Mr. Kroijer’s experiences are described in a manner so vivid and honest that you almost feel like you have made them yourself. I, at least, felt much better suited for entering the industry having read this book.For the wider audience, knowledge about the industry, or even interest in it, is not a prerequisite. It is still a great story written in a highly captivating language, and even without the element of hedge funds it has a lot to offer on a personal level.

  • By Guest on 7 June 2017

    A very insightful and detailed account of launching and running a hedge fund from the idea to the closure in the end. Very interesting review of decision making process, both on some of the trading ideas and running the fund. Also interesting afterthoughts on what has gone wrong or could have performed better. The story is told in a very personal and relatable way, making the boon very pleasant to read. I have enjoyed it and it has provoked quite a lot of thoughts and conversations. Thank you!

  • By andrea weikard on 25 June 2017

    Even if you do not work in finance you will enjoy this book. It is easy to read , informative and will even make you laugh a fee times .

  • By Mário Neves on 3 October 2013

    I'm writing this review because I really believe it's a worth buying it. I bought it six months ago and I can say it was very useful.I wanted to know more about hedge funds and how it was to run a hedge fund. This book had all I wanted. It described perfectly how running a hedge fund was.I can say that I've bought three books at the same time. This one plus two, all with the same objective. This book, besides having overcome my expectations had the right dimension. It had about 230 pages which is perfect! This made the reading of the book easy, while the others were too big and not objective.My overall opinion? This book is worth the money. You get a lot of useful information for very little. If I had now the choice to buy it or not I would buy it without a doubt!

  • By C. A. Brown on 23 May 2013

    This book differs from many other hedge fund books due to the fact it is actually enjoyable to read. The book tells the story of how a hedge fund was launched, run and eventually folded. Lars uses a writing style that is easy to follow and his explanations regarding trading strategies are clear and steer clear of trying to use overly technical language.I believe that this book can be read by those with little financial knowledge of hedge funds and fully understood.Overall probably one of the best books on Hedge Funds or even Investments that I have read (and I've read a few), certainly one of the most enjoyable to read.

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