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Pages: 288

Language: English

Publisher: Crown House Publishing (28 April 2008)

By: Anné Linden(Author) Kathrin Perutz(Contributor)

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`The Secrets of your Mind Revealed` How do you motivate yourself? What is it that you habitually do but are unaware of that controls the outcomes of your life? Becoming aware means gaining the power to choose between what you do (or think) `automatically` and what you would like to do. By becoming conscious of how your hidden `(unconscious) mind actually works and applying the very simple techniques demonstrated in `Mindworks` you can make changes that lead to new thinking and new behaviour. Instead of telling yourself `I'm not good enough` you can switch in an instant to telling yourself `I can do it!` Instead of seeing on out-of-focus picture of your goal, you can have a clear, sharp image that leads you directly to it. `Mindworks` shows you how to `change` your mind, reprogram your thoughts, gain control of your fears and fulfil your desires and potential. Anything is possible - when you know your own mind! `Mindworks` will show you how to: say what you mean to get others to respond the way you want use principles of the new linguistics to communicate more precisely with yourself and others identify and access your resources to make full use of your talents, skills and abilities create a `blueprint` for the road ahead by asking yourself a few simple questions recycle mistakes, setbacks and failures into resourceful experiences replace your destructive behaviours with constructive ones that will fulfil your original purpose see things from new perspectives; go from `stuck` to choice in an instant `Mindworks` shows you all of the astonishing and wonderful ways to take full advantage of everything you have and are, to accomplish whatever you set out to do! Using the amazing effective tools of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) `Mindworks shows you how to unlock the resources, abilities and creativity that you already have in order to accomplish whatever you want to do and take control of your life.

Mindworks will bring out the magic in the mind of every reader who wants to learn about NLP for superb communication, accessing resourceful states, getting results, turning failure into feedback, and having more choice and flexibility in everyday situations. It is a first-rate beginner s guide to NLP. --Judith E. Pearson, PhD, NLP Trainer and PractitionerThis is a beautiful book. Not only is it full of delightful insights. It is written in the most elegant absorbing way. Only someone who has mastered a topic can write with such fluency and style. Anné Linden is undoubtedly one such master. Mindworks is a delight to read if only for the absorbing style with which it is written. For me this is what NLP Is all about being an example of excellence and this book is most certainly that. --Sue Knight, author of NLP at Work, International Consultant, Trainer and CoachA great book for people, new to NLP, who are curious about NLP as a pathway to self- development and who enjoy colourful and lively real-life examples of how it works - and who also like to be warmly encouraged to try it out for themselves! --Judith Lowe, PPD Learning

Read online or download a free book: Mindworks: An Introduction To Nlp.pdf

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Customer reviews:

  • By JawDbloke on 1 June 2008

    This book is poorly written and constructed. Full of psycho-babble it is also inaccurate in several ways. For instance the author states "The way you carry yourself, the way you hold your body- this is what we mean by physiology." What nonsense. She states "As a photographer you might chose a lens to provide greater contrast, emphasising the black and whites, removing grays." More nonsense.Did you know that saying "You don't understand me" is a metamodel violation? Do you NEED to know? And didn't you know that "to understand what the speaker is saying the listener asks precise questions that guide the speaker towards exact meaning"? Wow!And how about "When you talk to your parts, it's the same as when your talking to other people. Talk to them clearly and directly. Your parts are very childlike."?I think this is the poorest book that I have read for years. For arch-examples of clear, excellent communication try "Manage your Mind " by Butler and Hope, or one of Ursula James's books.

  • By Guest on 21 September 2006

    After reading some introductory general book on NLP, like Joseph O'Connors "Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming", this volume is a great second step into the world of NLP. As it concentrates on the most important seven suppositions of NLP, analysed in depth, and is accompanied by extremely practical exercises, this book can make the difference in your life. Contrary to other books on the subject that describe too many different NLP methods at once, it concentrates on essence and foundations of NLP. This book is about applying the NLP into real life. And as you read it again (important:make notes!) you discover new meaning, understanding and advice hidden among the chapters.

  • By [email protected] on 17 October 1999

    I bought Mindworks on the strength of the reviews of fellow Amazon readers, however I do not concur with their opinions. This book is just about the worst I have read in years. Sure, it tackles the concepts, but it does so by using simile and example that had me cringing with embarrassment.Of course if mine is the only negative review, you would do well to perhaps disregard it.

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